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A revolutionary new clearinghouse software solution affords you the power to manage your business.

ediLive! will revolutionize the way you work outstanding claims and collect your patient balances. The software helps you zero in on denied claims, see current claim status in a matter of seconds, and it won't let anything fall through the cracks that will cost your practice money.

patientBenefits enables real-time eligibility verification, allowing medical practices to work more efficiently, guaranteeing better reimbursement by delivering current and timely information directly to their fingertips. ediLive! customers have instant access to the following healthcare transactions:

  • Real-time eligibility verification
  • Batch eligibility checks
  • Referral requests
  • Patient member number confirmation and benefits

claimManager, claimViewer, and claimRepair will bring your claims to life. We built our new EDI clearinghouse to accept NSF formatted claims and then convert them to the new HIPAA standard ANSI 837. The conversion is done prior to sending, so your claims will now be HIPAA certified from your office, not just from your clearinghouse.

  • Real-time claims status inquiry checks (single or batch)
  • Tracks claims by status (pended, rejected, paid...)
  • Posts all status messages and edits to the claim
  • Repair rejects in place from an automated worklist
  • Creates 100% paperless administration

Our rules-based claims management means fewer rejected claims and
reduced days in accounts receivable.

  • User maintained rule tables
  • Response rules by payer or practice
  • Substitution rules by practice

statementManager and statementViewer will provide you with easy to use tools to help answer patient questions faster than you ever imagined. View your patient statements online
and see exactly what your patients receive.

  • Send patient-due letters to reduce days in AR
  • Send recall & collection letters electronically
  • Add special messages to statements


Does your clearinghouse help you send HIPAA compliant transactions from your desktop?

Help you manage all batches through optimum payment?

Help you speed up reimbursement?

Reduce claim rejections?

Help you streamline office operations?

Eliminate manual tasks?

Increase cash flow?


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